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Clown Shoes a Welcome Addition to Ohio

In my early travels with my current job, I got a chance to spend quite a bit of time in California. We all know that Cali is a hot bed of Craft Beer and they are pumping out a ton of good stuff. In addition to distributing mass amounts of quality Craft Beer, they are also some of the first to receive great beers from up and coming breweries. This was the case with one brewery that I encountered that wasn’t in Ohio until a couple of months ago. It was back in November and I was at the Yard House near Ontario, California when I first saw the name Clown Shoes. The name of the brewery alone had me intrigued. And when I saw the beer they were offering, a seasonal specialty, I knew I would soon be a Clown Shoes convert.
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Colette – My Daughter and My New Favorite Beer

On January 7th, 2014 my wife, Amanda, and I welcomed our first child into the world. Months ago, we decided that if we had a girl (we truly did not know what we were having) we would name her Colette Elizabeth. We wanted something unique for the first name and Elizabeth was the name of both of our great-grandmothers. About a month before Amanda gave birth, we were at the Woodstock Cafe in Vermilion, Ohio and they had a beer I had never seen before on their “Build Your Own Six Pack” wall. It was “Colette” from Great Divide Brewing Company. We looked at each other, laughed and thought “Well, we think we’re having a boy so let’s not waste our money buying a beer that won’t really have any meaning to us in a month. In hind sight, perhaps seeing that beer was a sign.
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Jared and Matthew Talk Cavs

I’m trying something a little new today as my friend Jared Donnelly (@jdonnelly32885 ) e-mailed each other back and forth a few times as we tried to figure out just what is wrong with the Cleveland Cavaliers. It’s been 22 games and the team just hasn’t found a way to be competitive night in and night out. Jared has a very high basketball IQ and mine is, well, not as high as his, but we were both able to put forward some coherent thoughts about the team and here is what we came up with. Enjoy!
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The Rise (and Unfortunate Fall) of the Pumpkin Beer

Ever since last fall ended I was looking forward to this fall for one main reason: Pumpkin Beers.  Then, something strange and disturbing happened…in August.  That’s right.  Most of your top-notch pumpkin beers started hitting the shelves before the calendar even turned over to September.  I panicked and grabbed a couple of bottles of Southern Tier Pumking as the local liquor store here in Elyria was down to 4.  I immediately noticed that I could see through the bottle a little too easily.  I immediately had a bad feeling about this batch of Pumking.  The Unified Theory of Creep (borrowed from Gregg Easterbrook of ESPN’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback column) has started attacking the Craft Beer industry and it is not a good thing.
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Hockey and Beer: Breweries Near Your Favorite Team, Part 10

As the regular season comes to a close and the playoffs draw ever closer, it is time for me to FINALLY complete this series of blogs, showcasing the craft breweries and brewpubs that are in the same area as your favorite team. We’ve traveled all over North America and now we see the last three teams get their time at center ice. Make sure to go back and check out the other installments if you haven’t done so already and get ready to dive into three more breweries from the great Nation of Hockey!
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More Tour!

wink lakewood
I’ve done pretty well since I last posted about my World Tour progress. I’ve only had two additional beers off of the list so I haven’t dug my hole deeper. Today I’ll talk about five more beers to get you all to my 25 beer mark. I’m officially at 40 total so I’ve still got a way to go to get you completely caught up, but at least I didn’t write about six last week only to drink eight or ten more. That would not be progress on my part. Today I’ll look at a good mix of beers. I’ve got a variety of IPAs, a Brown Ale and a Cleveland favorite. Let’s get to it!
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Victory K-Bomb Experiment is a Success!

victoryIt’s no secret that Victory Brewing Company, located just outside of Philadelphia in Downington, Pennsylvania, is my absolute favorite Craft Brewery. Every one of their beers passes the “I want a 6-pack of this” test and even their Barrel Aged experiments (Red Thunder, White Monkey, Oak Horizontal) were so successful that I had my contact at Rozi’s Winehouse let me know when he was down to the last few bottles of each so I could snag them up. So when I got the newsletter from Melt Bar & Grilled that Victory was releasing a special experiment, brewed with a secret hop strain that was not named in any publication, I was extremely excited. K-Bomb, a Double IPA, was only going to be on tap at Melt Locations in Ohio and I must say, Matt Fish did a great job scoring this coup. I’ll end the suspense now. Victory scored another…victory.
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